Moby Dick is the driving force behind some of the world’s largest and most explosive brands.

We set-up, intimately manage, and continually innovate for your brand. We offer services to build brands into a fresh and unique assortment of product—with strategy and execution to support and maximize the opportunity. We simplify the experience by managing everything from design, sourcing, production, inventory management, fulfillment, marketing, customer service, e-commerce and all the important details in between—with no financial risk to you. You can utilize all of Moby Dick’s services OR you can decide what services make the most sense for you.
We are changing the game. WE BUILD MONSTERS

Visual Branding

We understand that design and the visual elements of your brand are more than just about something looking pretty. The look of your brand is often times the catalyst that creates a first impression. It’s important to have visual elements that give a brand identity in a crowded market. We can create logo, font, colors, and any other branding elements to give your brand an identity.

Product Development

Our product development leadership has extensive experience in what it takes to build brands with longevity. Our design talent is deep with the skill to identify new trends, conceptualize, technically prepare, source, and execute product lines within a range of techniques: graphic design, custom illustrations and patterns, cut and sew product design, and product innovation.

Production and Sourcing

We work with the best network of partners; if we show it to you in the design/development phase, we can do it. Our production team work tirelessly to ensure we provide the best quality product to represent brands.

E-commerce Web Development and Management

We can build you an entirely new website from scratch, or integrate your existing site into a FULLY FUNCTIONAL SHOPIFY E-COMMERCE STORE. Our marketing and development teams partner to ensure the website is optimized to convert customer activity into measurable ROI.

Social Media Content Developement

We understand that creating content is everything and that it’s critical to stay relevant in the social space. Our creative team works strategically to manage brand pages by creating the content and supporting execution every single day. We’ve created a strategy and execution plan that optimizes engagement and grows your account faster, and helps keep you in people’s feed, daily!

Data Driven Strategic Marketing

Our approach to marketing is dynamic and strategic. We work really hard to find the right mix of channels to maximize the brand experience—based on data. We use a thoughtful approach to social media, ad (re) targeting, and promotional email campaigns by offering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Distribution and Fulfillment

Our operations team can pick, pack, and ship your orders fast and accurate, helping to improve the customer experience with your brand. We can also monitor inventory levels, do full physical inventories, or other special projects that may provide value to you and your brand.

Customer Service

You can’t possibly cover every scenario for your customers on your site. We can provide back end e-mail support for those customers that have questions about your site, product, and most importantly, the order they’ve placed.

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