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We fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

Whether it's traditional fulfillment or subscription services, we have you covered. Our processes are first class and are designed to pick and pack your product correctly with consistency and efficiency.

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Our services are built for a variety of e-commerce brands.

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Customer Service

Customer service is a big part of every ecommerce business.  Moby Dick 3PL can provide back end email support to help you and your team tackle the flow of customer questions. Our team works to keep the customer happy, informed and your company looking great.

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Kitting & Special Projects

Not all products arrive to us ready for shipment. We offer boxing, bagging, and kitting services to meet your brands needs. We've built processes that specialize in subscription boxes, inventory management, and order optimization for your businesses fulfillment needs.

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E-commerce Fulfillment

Moby Dick 3PL is  built to support your business needs. Our Staff and facility is ready to support your brands customized unboxing, marketing Inserts, custom packaging and branded packing material. Whatever your business model, we work with you to ensure the best customer experience.

Columbus is a fulfillment opportunity.

Ohio checks off a number of key items for e-commerce: geographic location, a key transportation network, and skilled labor. A retailer can deliver to 90 percent of its customers within two business days and shippers can get to 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population within 600 miles of the state’s borders.

What does this mean for your ecommerce brands?

  • Utilization of our order fulfillment software
  • Reassurance of inventory accountability
  • Leveraging our ecommerce experience for your brand

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