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What we do.


We build brands, plain and simple, but we do so in a way that won’t impact your day-to-day schedule. We can build, create, source, supply, and help build all aspects of the brand while you continue doing the things that made you influential - you do your thing and we’ll do ours.


Our design squad is ridiculously talented, and are equipped with the skills to identify new trends, conceptualize, technically prepare, and execute product lines within a range of techniques: graphic design, custom illustrations and patterns, cut and sew product design, and product innovation. We develop custom products and apparel unique to your vision.


Our philosophy at MDU is “If it can sell, we can make it happen…” With our team of sourcing analysts and procurement specialists, we can make just about any custom product. From toys and tees, to squirt guns and headphones, we have the competencies and international manufacturing capabilities to give your brand an edge. It’s not just about clothing anymore…


We create custom websites and outfit them with the latest technical platforms and custom applications to optimize user interaction and buying experiences. We build and manage custom webpages, but we also utilize paid media buys to optimize reach to consumers. Our goal is to create a page that supports your unique personality, while harnessing the best support available to sell product.

Marketing Strategy

The way we approach social media is different — it’s intentional. Our creative team will strategically plan content creation and brand activation opportunities to maximize every interaction with your viewers. From custom social media brand pages to YouTube end cards and Mobile apps, we have the expertise to create an explosive impact in the marketplace for your brand.

Customer Service

We understand that the social media world doesn’t stop, so effective communication is crucial for any successful brand. Based in our warehouse, our Customer Service staff makes this commitment not just to our partners, but also to the customers who interact with your brand each day. We are committed to providing the best customer experience in the marketplace.

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Moby Dick is the driving force behind some of the world’s most explosive, viral brands. We invest in, and partner with, elite influencers and trending up-and-comers to build premium product lines. Contact us today for more information