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Fulfillment can be a massive undertaking. When your brand keeps growing and you need a workforce to take on your fulfillment, Moby Dick 3pl is the partner you need. We've worked with and fulfilled some the the biggest and most explosive online brands. We've ran the gauntlet, we know our shit, and we're ready to work directly with you to maximize your brands fulfillment services. Ride the whale. Build a monster.

- Moby Dick 3pl team

Our 80k s/ft warehouse is ready to take on your fulfillment, processing and shipping needs.

Moby Dick 3pl is a shopify partner.


E-commerce fulfillment

eCommerce order fulfillment doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Our 50,000+ square-foot warehouse is designed for ecommerce fulfillment to support your business needs with a customized approach. We use UPC scanning technology to pick and pack your product to ensure orders are quickly and accurately shipped. We want to provide efficiencies for your business to make it more profitable and set you up for peak seasons.

Returns & Processing

Processing returns can be time-consuming. Our team has the manpower to handle this for you. We can sort, fold, bag, and tag your product to prepare it for resale. Looking for a platform to process returns on your site? We can help you with that too!

Custom Packaging

Plain shipping mailers may not be what you are looking for. We have the ability to provide the packaging your product deserves. Whether it’s a unique box for your product, or special shipping packaging, we can provide it.

Bagging + Tagging

Whether it’s folding and bagging merchandise, adding hang tags to apparel, size labeling, SKU labeling, or carton labeling, we have you covered.

Kitting + Assembly

Not all product arrives from the manufacturer ready to ship. We can build it for you. Whether it’s a subscription box that goes out every month or a once in a lifetime toy that needs assembled before being sent to your customers, we can handle it.


Sometimes you just need somewhere to store your product. We have the secure, monitored space to store it. We can also help you with inventory, cleaning, organizing, or labeling what you are keeping with us.

Customer Service

You can’t possibly cover every scenario for your customers on your site. We can provide back end email support for those customers that have questions about your site, product, and most importantly, the order they’ve placed.

Contact us & let's rap about it.

Moby Dick is the driving force behind some of the world’s most explosive, viral brands. We invest in, and partner with, elite influencers and trending up-and-comers to build premium product lines. Contact us today for more information