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USPS Service Changes and what impact they will have for ecommerce Businesses


The USPS service changes are just another supply chain disruption we are hearing about right now. The good news is that USPS service changes won’t likely have a huge impact on your ecommerce business.

What are the USPS Service Changes?

The USPS announced plans to slow some of its mail delivery. Most impacted is priority mail and generally, anything sent out that weighs less than 16oz. These changes aren’t going to take place until after the holiday season. The new service standards mean that these packages may take a few days longer for first class mail to travel longer distances.

Why is USPS making changes?
The Postal Service is likely making this change to curb the effects of having such lower base rates for this service with no residential delivery fees which hasn’t proven to be  a cost-effective service for them. They will use less air transportation and increase their ground transportation which will mean these packages will arrive in 1-5 days for First Class Mail instead of 1-3 days.

Why should our business stay in touch with these changes?

It is important for E-commerce businesses to stay apprised of the changing price and service levels of the different carriers. It can help them plan for and understand what is coming next and be transparent and communicative with their customers.

How can Moby Dick 3PL help?

A 3PL like Moby Dick can help reduce this burden by giving you access to multiple carriers and rates and then help you choose the best option for your customers and your business.  Moby Dick 3PL is in constant contact with our shipping partners and that makes negotiating rates easier than if each small business was attempting to do that on their own.

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