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Custom vs Standard packaging: Which is right for you?

custom vs standard packaging

E-commerce has become an increasingly popular way to buy and sell products, and with it, shipping costs have become an important factor for businesses to consider. Shipping cost, including the cost of packaging materials, is a significant part of the overall cost of an e-commerce business. For this reason, finding ways to reduce shipping costs is crucial for the success of an e-commerce business. In this blog, we will explore different types of packaging and their benefits and cost comparison to help e-commerce businesses reduce their shipping costs.

Types of Packaging:

There are several types of packaging used in the e-commerce industry, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the most common types of packaging used in the industry:

Custom Packaging:
Custom packaging is specifically designed and created for a particular product or business. It is unique and tailored to the requirements of the product, and can include branding, logos, and other designs. Custom packaging can enhance the customer experience and add value to the product. However, it is usually more expensive than standard packaging, and requires a longer lead time to produce. Custom packaging can also pose logistical challenges, such as storage, inventory management, and shipping.

Standard Packaging:
Standard packaging is pre-made, off-the-shelf packaging that is readily available for purchase. It is less expensive than custom packaging and can be easily sourced. Standard packaging is widely used in the e-commerce industry because of its affordability, convenience, and availability. It also reduces the supply inventory problems because it is always available in the market. However, it does not provide the same level of customization and branding as custom packaging.

Cost Comparison:

Custom packaging is generally more expensive than standard packaging due to the higher production costs involved in creating custom designs and molds. The cost of custom packaging can vary depending on the type of product, quantity, and design complexity. On the other hand, standard packaging is more cost-effective due to its lower production costs and the availability of readily available options.

Reducing Shipping Costs with Standard Packaging:

While custom packaging can provide a more personalized experience for customers, there are ways to create a similar effect with standard packaging. By using techniques like dunnage, insert advertisements, custom tape, and other embellishments, businesses can add a custom touch to standard packaging. Dunnage is the material used to fill the empty space within the box, it helps to protect the product during shipping and reduces the likelihood of damage, as well as providing an extra layer of protection to the package. Businesses can use this space to add promotional material or other brand messaging, which can enhance the customer experience without increasing the cost of packaging. Custom tape can also be used to add branding and messaging to standard packaging without increasing the cost.

Another way to reduce shipping costs is to minimize the size and weight of packages. This can be achieved by using lightweight materials, optimizing product packaging, and reducing the size of the shipping box to fit the product more closely. By reducing the size and weight of packages, businesses can save on shipping costs, as carriers charge based on the size and weight of packages.

Using a Fulfillment Company:

Fulfillment companies are third-party logistics providers that specialize in order fulfillment and shipping. They can help businesses reduce their shipping costs by providing access to discounted shipping rates and bulk purchasing of packaging materials. Fulfillment companies can also assist in optimizing packaging for products to reduce shipping costs, as well as providing custom packaging options at a lower cost than traditional custom packaging suppliers. By using a fulfillment company, businesses can reduce their shipping costs and focus on their core business activities, leaving the logistics to the experts.

Wrap Up:

customer experience, it is more expensive than standard packaging and can pose logistical challenges. However, by using techniques like dunnage, insert advertisements, custom tape, and other embellishments, businesses can add a custom touch to standard packaging and reduce shipping costs. Additionally, working with a fulfillment company can provide access to discounted shipping rates, bulk purchasing of packaging materials, and assistance in optimizing packaging for products. By exploring these options, e-commerce businesses can reduce their shipping costs and improve their bottom line while still providing a great customer experience.

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